Xpert Pro-Wax Natural Beeswax Boot Dubbin Neutral


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  • Details

    Our Xpert™ PRO Wax uses natural ingredients to nourish and protect your boots and restore their natural colour. Simple and quick to apply, this beeswax dubbin will provide Instant protection against water, oil and dirt, as well as keep the leather supple and breathable. Show your footwear some love and apply this every fortnight. You will notice a dramatic improvement in looks, performance and durability.

  • Features

    • Natural Beeswax Dubbin
    • Nourishes, Water protects & Enhances all Leathers
    • Maintains breathability of Leather
    • Restores natural oils into leather
    • Instant protection against water, oil and dirt
    • Easy application with brush or lint free cloth
    • 80 Gram Press-open tin


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