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Designed & engineered to keep you safe, dry and comfortable.

Xpert IQ™ – Designed and built from real experience.

Xpert products are crafted using knowledge from generations working in the workwear industry. We realise that you work in challenging environments, undertaking demanding work, so we create products to help you cope with everything the day throws at you.

We take the time to make the right design decisions to make sure products perform as they should. Xpert IQ™ focuses on function and performance using first-hand knowledge of your world.

All Xpert products are developed by our in-house team and monitored from design to finish, so you can be sure that when you wear them, they will perform. We don’t rest until our products are ready to be put to work. We believe a quality product should do its job and do it properly – and not just once.

Xpert is constructed to last, tested to extremes and designed with practical features built to perform. We create based on our experience to meet the needs of our hard workers.

Built for working. Designed for performance.

With many workers spending most of their working day on their feet or often in challenging environments, workwear must be designed to provide adequate protection and support to the wearer. The Xpert IQ™ workwear technologies incorporated into our footwear and workwear are designed to do exactly that.


Xpert™ products featuring Comfort-X™ technology are manufactured from materials that ensure your comfort and aim to reduce stress, fatigue, and burnout.

sports technology for work

Xpert™ products with Active-X™ technology feature ultra-lightweight and breathable fabrics and compounds that are commonly used in innovative sports gear. These features facilitate free movement and help maintain optimum climate control, ensuring all-day comfort while you work.


Xpert™ Dry-X™ is a Waterproof and Breathable Membrane system used in workwear and footwear. With Dry-X™, the holes in the membrane are so small that sweat vapour can pass out so the workwear is breathable, but a water molecule cannot pass in so you will stay dry and comfortable.


Light-X™ technologies use cutting edge composite products to replace traditional manufacturing methods. You can be assured of maximum safety and minimum weight with Light-X™, through higher levels of comfort, flexibility, and reduced fatigue.

Maximum Strength

Tough-X™ technologies use tried-and-tested manufacturing methods to endure the rigours of a demanding work life. With no compromise in craftsmanship, choose Tough-X™ for outstanding performance and durability.


Therm-X ™ technology built to withstand severe cold climatic conditions, we recommend Therm-X ™ products in sub-zero temperatures as low as -50°C.